Hello, and welcome to the Hailey Elementary online website.

Our students have been working very hard this year, and want to have their work posted online. If you would like to veiw your student's work, please go to the SHOW CASE page.

There is also two blogs. Please veiw the blog rules (or any other additional info.)on the BLOG INFORMATION page. one blog is for parents only, and one is for students only.

Wondering how your child is doing in school? Cheak out our grading systom on the GRADES AND SCORES page. If you have any question about your child's preformance, go to the PARENT BLOG page, or contact me at (262-968-4844) or dan-neuwirth@wi.rr.com.

Did your child forget what his/her's homework is again? Was your child absent? No problem. Just click on the HOMEWORK page. There will be a monthly calendar with each date's homework. Students do not get late slips or any kind of punshment for not completing homework when absent. However, those who choose not to do it, will get 2 warnings. On the 3rd warning, they must stay after class and finish their late homework. To find out more about homework rules, click on the HOMEWORK INFORMATION page.