Hex Rivet Nuts Related Knowledge

There are many types of rivet nuts. Have you heard of hex rivet nuts? How much do you know about hex rivet nuts? hex rivet nut is suitable for occasions that require high torque to prevent rotation and loosening. The installation of base metal requires hexagonal holes of corresponding size.

The mounting hole of the hexagonal rivet nut is a hexagonal hole. The hexagonal design of the hexagonal rivet nut can effectively prevent the nut from rotating after installation and improve the riveting effect of the rivet nut. Mainly used for non-structural load-bearing operations, reliable connection, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption and high efficiency. Its advantage is light weight, no need to fix the pallet nut, even if there is no connection space between the tram and the internal parts of the ship, the back of the base material can be used. The rivet nut can be decorated on a single thin plate, or two thin plates can be riveted together. It is also suitable for closed-shape workpieces that can only be operated on one side. In addition, for workpieces that require screw and animal connections, light metal materials and steel riveting, the nut is a compact and easy-to-use screw sleeve. It is widely used for panel connection in shipbuilding, vehicles, aviation, electrical appliances, meters, tin cabinets, elevators and other industries.

Therefore, the above are some relevant knowledge points about hex rivet nuts. Of course, in addition to the hex rivet nuts, there are also half hex rivet nut that is very similar in function and appearance.