Introduce The Inspection Of Custom Rivet Nut

There are many types of rivet nuts, of course, there are also custom rivet nuts. Today we will introduce what to check when custom rivet nut are produced.

Magnesium alloy materials are not only expensive but also widely used in plastics. Because of this, compared with aluminum, this material has its high strength, no seepage, rust, baking, coating, weather resistance, stable material, non-oxidizing, non-whitening, non-slagging, high-temperature strength High, but insufficient cooling in time, shrinkage, poor wear resistance, and other shortcomings, so the product price is about 10% to 20% higher than aluminum.

Inspect the materials needed for the production of custom rivet nut, and inspect its wires. Blind rivet nut wire rods are generally ordered by manufacturers from professional wire rod factories, and their own companies do not produce wire rods. At this time, we tell the wire rod manufacturer what specifications, model, size, and size of wire rods are needed. When you order back, you have to check the material of the wire. What we need is an iron wire, which must be iron, and if a stainless steel wire is needed, then it must be stainless steel. Then inspect the specifications, models, sizes, and other aspects.

And knurled rivet nut also needs to check the above conditions during production.