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Hello my name is Huzair. I am happy to be teaching Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies, and AVID to new 4th grade and 6th grade kiddos. This is my first year teaching and 2 years of tutoring. I am currently a student myself at a high scho but am so motivated to be teaching little elementary and middle schoolers. This year I will be teaching Math/PreAP, Science/PreAP, ELA, Social Studies, and AVID/PreAP. I expect 100% from my students and be a great role model to them to the best I can and hope to have a great and successful year!!

"The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Hello and welcome to my webpage. Here you will find specific information on how I teach, how it comes to teaching and the relationship between students and teachers. It is shown to show regular and PreAP classes and how the students are expected to be taught in my class. In this page, my contact information is listed below this notice. My conference period is during 6th period now from 6:15-7:00pm.


Phone: (832) 903-5888


Hello if your student has a regular class with me, they will most likely be taught the old fashioned way. The regular students are given more basic ways of learning skills than the Pre-AP students would. In Math, they will be discussing the different ways of using the Operations of MATH, place value, patterns, etc. In Science, they will be learning the Safety unit, scientific method, biology, chemistry, physics, etc. For ELA, they will be learning on Narratives, Expository, Persuasive, Plot, etc. For SS, they will be learning the different type of Geography, the past of the US, etc. Hope this will help in success for your student's future.

For Pre-AP students, they will be asked to be learning the same units for the regular students but they will be more challenged for example, short answer questions on tests and quizzes, more extra lessons, and extra work on projects. This year, they will be focusing on Science Fair and NHD projects. They will be expected to have these completed by the end of the semester and have it turned in on the first day of the second semester. Hope they have a successful year to create a new future!  Go Akhters!!!

Teacher Schedule

Period 1: Science I Pre-AP

Period 2: Math I Pre-AP

Period 3: ELA I 

Period 4: ELA I Lab

Period 5: Math I Lab

Period 6: Social Stdy & Geography

Period 7: AVID I Pre-AP/GT

Period 8: Conference


To look up for more information about me and the way of my teaching, please go on or

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Useful Links

  • Think Through Math
  • Reflex Math
  • IXL
  • Edmodo
  • McDougal-Hill
  • Kahoot
  • Quizizz
  • AVID Organizational Centre


I have tutorials:

  • Monday (12:00-12:25pm)
  • Wednesday (5:30-5:45pm)
  • Friday (12:00-12:20pm)
  • Sunday (By appointment)

Have Fun!

Huzair Akhtar heart