Students Using Resources to Grow and Explore what the Hebrew Academy's new enrichment program is all about

The innovative new SURGE Enrichment Program at HALB is based on the nationwide initiative to better incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math into our schools. Through a varitety of programs, students are encouraged to explore the materials and skills used by engineers, scientists and architects in a way that fascinates and excites their minds and challenges their creative spirit.



In addition to the many concepts and skills students in the SURGE program are exposed to, they are also given the opportunity to work in an environment that is different from the classroom. Working on a project such as a new Lego design, or a logic problem without the usual time constraints fosters better attention to detail and the chance to clearly think a problem through. Students take great pride in their work at SURGE, where "thinking out of the box" is not only encouraged, but praised.


Our Mission... 

The ultimate goal of the HALB SURGE program is to reach every child at some point, to encorage and expand upon their individual interests and talents. The program is ever growing and changing and there is no limit to the possibilities.

The following pages illustrate some of the programs we are currently running and some we have planned for this year. Additional programs will be posted as they are implemented.


For further information, please contact:

Mrs. M. Hershberg

Director of Enrichment and Technology

516.432.8285 ext. 137