Discipline Plan

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To provide a positive learning environment for your child, the following rules are enforced in our classroom:

1.  Follow directions and listen carefully.

2.  Keep hands, feet, body, and objects to yourself.

3.  Work and speak quietly.

4.  Show respect for classroom, property, and others.

5.  Cooperate by working and sharing together.

6.  Come to class prepared.


Each child has a set of color-coded behavior cards.  The first card that begins each day is WHITE.  Students will change their cards for any school/class rule broken during the day.  The following behavior plan will be enforced:

White Card = Good Citizen

Green Card = Warning-student reminded to modify behavior

Yellow Card = 5 minutes of chair time / lose a recess

Red Card = 10 minutes of chair time / lose both recesses

Blue Card = 20 minutes of chair time and note home

Purple Card = Office

*  Any severe disruption: Go to the office

Daily Calendars:  Please check your child's calendar and initial daily.  This will allow communication between home and school about your child's behavior.