What is dormancy?

           When it gets cold outside, the leaves on many trees fall off.  When the leaves fall off a tree in Autumn, it is called dormancy.



Why do trees become dormant?

          Trees have leaves to make food for the tree.  Leaves use sunlight to make food.  In the Fall and Winter there is not as much sunlight, so it is hard for trees to make food.  When the trees don't have enough sunlight to keep making food, the leaves fall off, and the tree goes to sleep for the Winter.  This is called dormancy.


What kinds of trees go into dormancy?

Some of the trees that become dormant include...

Pear Tree                  Pear Tree                     Dormant Pear Tree              Dormant Pear Tree

Oak Tree                    Oak Tree                           Dormant Oak Tree             Doramnt Oak Tree

Apple Trees               Apple Tree                     Dormant Apple Tree            Dormant Apple Tree

Maple Tree                  Maple Tree                              Dormant Maple Tree      Dormant Maple Tree        

Created by Mrs. Hammel- Librarian Bel Air Elementary  2010