What is erosion?

When soil (dirt), sand, or rocks moves from where it is supposed to be.

What causes erosion?

Erosion is caused by

Wind                Wind erosion

Waves              wave erosion

Rain                 rain

What does erosion look like?

Roots that are not covered by soil (dirt).             Root erosion         Roots river 

Dirt sliding down a hill.                                       Dirt erosion             Soil erosion 2

Sand moving from one place to place.                                  sand

Rocks are worn down.                                          rocks                      rocks


What can be done to prevent, or stop, soil erosion?

Planting trees and grass helps.  The roots of the grass and trees keeps the soil in one spot.

                                  tree roots                                     grass roots



Created by Mrs. Hammel- Librarian Bel Air Elementary, 2010