Hammonds Biology Syllabus

    Biology SyllabusSecond Semester

Ms. Hammonds

Room 507

Email: lhammonds@clayton.k12.ga.us 

Website: www.hammonds.inspiringteachers.com                 

TEXTBOOK: Glencoe: Energy, resources, environment                


This course was designed with a hand on approach, to help the students to consider such diverse issues related to our technology – oriented society in addition to cultivating scientific literacy. Students will carry out laboratory investigations, and communicate their findings. This course will prepare students to continue to strengthen their skills in using scientific tools and models, organizing and analyzing data, and asking quality questions.

 CLASS EXPECTATIONS:Textbooks will not be issued to the students. We will maintain a class set so that we are always prepared when we need books. This course will require students to maintain a notebook and they must bring it to class everyday. This will be a grade and checked daily.  The items listed below will be needed to succeed in this course.
  • 3 ring- binder
  • Paper
  • Pen and pencils
  • Divider tabs for each area; notes, homework, journals and warm-ups, labs, and quizzes. I do not give back test but the students will know their grades.
  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer ( for class use)- given as extra credit
  • Ruler (not required but suggested)
  • There will be a list of items posted for the semester that the students can bring randomly for extra credit. The amount of credit and the items will be provided in class.

  HOMEWORK POLICY   All work is due for full credit on the due date. I have a progressive grading policy for homework. This allows the student to receive a possible 85 if the assignment is 1 day late, a 75 if two days late, and on the third day a 50. After the third day a grade of Zero is given and will stand. SECOND CHANCE WEDESDAYThe freshman academy provides service for freshman to assist teachers in providing many opportunities for student success. One of these privileges is Second chance Wednesday. The student may sign up with their teacher to retake or make up a test or quiz. If the test or quiz is taken over the highest grade I allow is an 85 even if a 100 was the actual score. The student may retake any given test or quiz once. They will be given a weeks notice so that they have time to prepare. ABSENCES/TARDIES TO CLASS   If for any reason you are not in class, it is your responsibility to find out what assigns were missed and turn them in 3 day after you return. The progressive grading is a little different with absences. You have 3 days to receive full credit. On the fourth day the highest grade is a 75 on the 5th day the highest grade is a 50. After that a grade of a zero will be given. When you return to class, sign the make up book which will be locate in class, and write down your assignments. I am keep accurate attendance so it will be your responsibility to turn the assignment in on time. If special conditions are present, speak with me to make arrangements. TEXTBOOK Students will be assigned a textbook. The books are kept in class for your child’s convenience. Once the book leaves the room your child is held accountable for ensuring that it is returned by the end of the semester.  

 GRADING POLICY     Homework           10%                  Tests/ Quizzes                              25%         Participation                       10Labs                                       10%          Final                                   15%        Class work                             25%                                                Total Grade 100% *

Some projects will count as test grades. You will be informed as to what those assignments are.Tutoring will be Mondays after School from 3:15 to 4:15 and Thursday s 7:40-8:05. If additional help is needed, speak with me to make arrangements for more time. Sincerely, Ms. HammondsEnvironmental / Biology Teacher