Rubrics: Your project will be graded mainly on how meaningful you make it. Pick something you will enjoy and are passionate about - have fun with it! Use this rubric as a guideline: (project is out of 100pts)


Project Rubric                         Project Option #: _____________   Student Name: ___________________________










In-Depth: Fully supported, verified, and justified evidence; deep and broad. Expands upon what was taught.

Developed: Makes subtle connections; well supported by argument and evidence, but lacks deep


Systematic: There is supported theory, but insufficient or inadequate evidence. Little to no deep thought.

Weak: An incomplete account with limited support, argument, or data.

Naive: Superficial account; sketchy account of facts or borrowed ideas.




Insightful: Student makes the project their own. A powerful interpretation of the project's significance.

Revealing: Somewhat thoughtful interpretation of the project's significance.

Perceptive: Reasonable interpretation or analysis of the project's significance.

Interpreted: a Plausible interpretation of the project's significance.

Literal: Mechanical translation with little or no interpretation; a restatement of what was taught or said. 




Masterful: Fluent, flexible, and efficient, able to use knowledge and skills well; shows the transfer of knowledge.

Able: Competent in using knowledge and skill, but little transfer of knowledge.

Limited: Limited but growing ability to transfer knowledge; produced a somewhat effective project.

Weak: Limited production of the desired result. Lacking in the transfer of knowledge.

Naive: Little to no production of the desired result. No transfer of knowledge.




Insightful and Coherent: Thoughtful viewpoint; effectively critiques and encompasses other plausible perspectives.

Thorough: Developed and coordinated critical view; makes own view more plausible by a fair consideration of other perspectives.

Aware: A comprehensive look at major points of view and shows plausibility to other points of view, but does not see the worth in each perspective.

Uncritical: Knows of different points of view, but only validates a certain perspective.

Lacking: Unaware of differing points of view, prone to overlook or ignore other perspectives; has difficulty imagining other ways of seeing things.




Mature: Disciplined, disposed, and able to see and value what others see and feel well.

Sensitive: Open to the unfamiliar or different; able to see the value in different viewpoints.

Aware: Knows and feels that others see and feel differently and is somewhat able to empathize with others. 

Decentering: Has some capacity to walk in others' shoes, but still is primarily limited to own view.

Egocentric: Has little or no empathy; sees things through own ideas and feelings.




Wise: Deeply aware of the boundaries of own and others’ understandings; able and willing to act on new understandings.

Thoughtful: Aware of own ignorance and that of others; hesitant but capable of acting on new understandings.

Aware: Generally aware of what they do and do not understand; is hesitant to act on new understandings.

Weak: Generally unaware of the bounds of own understanding; hesitant to act on new understandings.

Unreflective: Does not wish to seek new understandings. Aggressive and withholding.




Crystal clear: Thoughtful organization, easy to read.

Good: Good organization and structure, but a few mistakes.

Navigable: Somewhat good organization; mistakes are noticeable

Weak: Little organization, mistakes hinder navigation.

Naive: Little to no organization of thought; student shows less-than-mediocre effort







  Group Presentation Day Rubric                                            Student Name: _____________________

Presentation Requirements



Student’s project is 4-5 minutes

4-5 minutes = 10 pts

Over 5 minutes = 8pts

Under 4 minutes = 6 pts

Over 6 minutes = 4pts

Under 3 minutes  = 2 pts

Over 7 minutes or under 2 minutes = 0pts


Presentation includes every aspect listed to include in the presentation (analysis of poem, meter, syllabic count, rhyme, narrator, setting, subject matter, and POV, explanation of the poem, 2 pictures, and at least 3 poetic devices.)

Yes= 10 pts

Proficient=  8 pts

Adequate= 6 pts

Somewhat = 4 pts

Weak = 2 pts

None = 0 pts


Every student contributes equally to the presentation and talks an equal amount of time. 

Yes= 10 pts

Proficient=  8 pts

Adequate= 6 pts

Somewhat = 4 pts

Weak = 2 pts

No = 0pts