Now that you have picked a poem, create a shared Google Slides presentation with your group members and being conducting research on your poem. In your presentation you must include:

1. Background information on the poet (where they were born, when they lived and wrote poetry, their cultural background, why they become a poet, the type or style of poetry that they wrote, etc.)

2. Two pictures (one must be of the poet)

3. An analysis of the poem and it's poetic devices (you must include as least three devices)

4. The poem's meter, syllabic count, and rhyme scheme

5. An analysis of the poem's meaning 

6. The subject matter of the poem

7. The poem's setting 

8. The narrator or POV of the poem

**** Remember to abide by our 6x6 rule when creating presentations: No more than 6 bullet points per slide and no more than 6 words per bullet point.