Hannibal Day School


Welcome to Hannibal Day School!

Will work with ALL School Age Children!

Only Positive Reinforcement and Natural Consequences!




     If you are looking for the very best education for your child in the Hannibal, MO or Quincy, IL area you are in the right place!  We provide private tutoring, group tutoring, homework help, home school curriculum help, and adult remedial services and GED help in the evenings!  Our main goal is to provide a personalized education for each and every student.  We will meet your child at his or her level.  It doesn't matter to us if your child is on medicaiton, has had problems in public school, is a gifted student, or is just an average child.  Every child will feel special and will learn to be a life long learner!


     Currently we are working out of our home,but can meet you or your child at other locations.

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