About us

Welcome to Hannibal Day School!
Where learning is FUN!!!
Lead Teacher:  Jennifer Gosney
A complete resume and references can be provided to you upon request!
     I have dedicated my life to the helping field.  My job history includes six years teaching preschool, one year working in a domestic violence shelter, ten years working for the state of MO as a Probation and Parole Officer, and seven years as a public school educator.  This life time of experience has given me great insight into what children need to succeed in life.  Education is my heart's desire.  I love watching students learn and grow and cannot imagine a more rewarding way to spend my day! 
     Every child deserves the very best education possible.  I make sure that happens in our school.  Through a personalized curriculum, one on one work, group work, and interacting with children of all ages, students learn that they can do anything!  We also have fun while we learn.  I am tuned into what the kids need.  We are able to give kids breaks when they need them, provide snacks and drinks as needed, and we are flexible enough to even take our work to the park and enjoy a beautiful day outside!