Term 3 Syllabus



Information Technology

Group 2: Tuesday, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.




Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic computer skills and basic computer knowledge .


At the end of this course, students will:

  • Demonstrate how to start up and shut down a computer.
  • Identify at least 1 browser independently.
  • Demonstrate how to navigate to a website independently or with minimal assistance.
  • Verbally state at least 2 parts of a computer.
  • Utilize a mouse independently.
  • Utilize a keyboard independently.





Below is a proposed outline for Information Technology class for Term 3. Please note that this outline is scheduled to change as topics covered will be based on student’s ability to understand the information presented. Therefore it is possible that all of the topics will not be covered.





1-April 24

·       How to turn on and off a computer.

·       Name the parts of your computer

2- April 30

·       Use the mouse and the keyboard.

3- May 7

·       Use the mouse and the keyboard.

4- May 14

·       The world wide web.

5- May 21

·       The world wide web.

6-May 28

·        The world wide web.

7-June 4

·        The world wide web.

8-June 11

·       Review of information covered during the term.

9-June 18

·       Students will be assessed to see how much information they retained.





Grading Scale:

·        Submission of homework assignments: 2 points/ assignment.

·        Class Room Behavior:

o   Behaves well for entire lesson: 3 points/class,

o   Behaves well for most of the lesson : 2 points/ class,

o   Behaves well for  some of the lesson: 1 point/ class,

o   Does not attend to the lesson, is disruptive: 0 points/lesson

·        End of Unit Assessment: To be determined.




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