Appropriate use of technology in school


Appropriate use of technology

Mobile County Public Schools is in the forefront of using technology and supports the opportunities for learning. The MCPSS is committed to helping students develop 21st-century technology and communication skills. Mobile County Public Schools Board of Education considers itself as a frontrunner in the world of digital citizenship when dealing with the internet, digital learning, and managing their students use of technology.   


The following is an acceptable use policy for the students who attend Theodore High School which is located in the suburbs of Mobile, Alabama and completely identifies the rules and procedures the students at Theodore must follow when using the school's technology. 

According to an Article in USA Today (2013), Many school districts, schools, and administrators are allowing their students the ability to use their technological devices in schools. According to Fornero, Superintendent of schools outside of Chicago, parents are allowing their children the ability to bring cell phones to their schools, so we should honor the environment in which we live. We as educators should embrase the world in which we live and allow the cell phone, computer, and camera to enhance the learning process. 



1. Students are permitted to use their cell phone prior to class starting and at the conclusion of class.

    last bell of the day.

2. The use of their cell phones during class is not permitted. No calls, text messaging, or games without the permission of the teacherThe        use of cell phones for any purpose – including telephone calls, text messaging, games,


3. Cell phones must be placed in the student appropriate folder and turned off.

4. Students participating in field trips, extracurricular activities, and athletic events must contact

    their coach or sponsor for his/her rules involving cell phone use after school hours or on after-

    school bus trips.

5. Follow all instruction by the teacher if you are allowed to use the phone in class.



1ST OFFENSE - Students will be warned and asked to put their phones away. 


2ND OFFENSE – Cell phone will be confiscated and delivered to the administrator. The parent must pick up the phone in the front office. 

3RD OFFENSE – The student will lose their priviledge to have a cell phone in class or use it during the appropriate instructional times.


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 Students may not touch any computer equipment without permission.

  1.  Students may not move or manipulate the computer equipment in anyway.

  2.  Never unplug the equipment without permission
  3. Students should never be disrespectful to the equipment or other students in the lab.
  4. Never disrupt the class in a demeaning way.
  5. Students should stay at their assigned computer always.
  6. Students should only use their assigned password.
  7. A student never be the reason for another student to lose work.





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1) The student should never take pictures of the teachers or other students in the class. 

2) Students should never take pictures in the restroom 

3) Students should never post pictures that have been taken on social media