How To Fix Roadrunner Email Not Working

If Roadrunner email isn't working on your iPhone then you should follow these steps carefully.

  • Before you implement the solution, confirm that you are using a reliable internet service.
  • Next, give your iPhone a quick restart and then reload the Roadrunner Email account.
  • It is necessary to enable server settings such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP on the iPhone.
  • Before you move to the next stage, ensure that your iPhone is running the correct Roadrunner server settings.
  • Additionally, you must also uninstall the Roadrunner application from your device.
  • To verify that it isn't happening again, uninstall the device.
  • You will also need to change your POP to IMAP if POP is being used and vice versa.

The next step is to check if the issue has been resolved completely. You can resolve Roadrunner issues easily by following these steps. If you are experiencing Roadrunner errors on Windows, the following solution may be helpful.


How to fix Roadrunner email not working on Android

Are you having the same issue with your Roadrunner email not working account? You can fix it quickly if you follow these steps.

See the steps listed below:

  • Your Android device must be restarted as your first step.
  • In the next step, you will need to reload Roadrunner's account.
  • It is important to ensure you have a reliable internet connection.
  • To fix it, open the Roadrunner app on your android phone.
  • Next, select the POP3> option and then tap on 'Next.
  • You will need to enter your Roadrunner login credentials (email address, username) and password.
  • You will be asked to tap on "Next" to move to the next step.


Incoming server settings:

o Username - complete email address for your Roadrunner account

Password: Please use Roadrunner account password

Port Number: 110

o Security type : None

o Server:

Outgoing server settings:

o Username Roadrunner Email Address

Password: Roadrunner email password.

Port Number: 587

o Security type : None

o Server:

  • After you've entered the correct server settings information, you'll need to click the 'OK' button.
  • Next, tap on the OK button to close the setup.


You still have email problems with your Android phone? Even after setting the server settings, another solution may be available. Roadrunner experts should always be contacted immediately to solve problems quickly