Computer Lab Rules

Computer usage is available to all students, teachers, and staff members throughout the school. It is to provide service for instructional and administrative purposes, with certain guidelines to follow. Users must adhere to the school code of conduct and the county policy when using the computers on campus. Computers are subject to monitoring by school officials.

Students may visit the Lab before school or during their lunch period to work on their projects or during their class time provided they have a signed pass from the teacher. All works done on site must be school related.

Student Guidelines When Using the Computers on Campus:

  1. No student at any time should be left UNSUPERVISED.
  2. Students must log in with their own PowerSchool number and password only.
  3. All students have their own student email account issued by the county; therefore must be used in all school communications.
  4. All student works that need saving must be saved on the H: drive or google drive. Works saved on the hard drive will be gone once computers are shut down at the end of the day.
  5. Neither FOOD nor DRINK is allowed in the computer lab or while using the laptops in the classroom.
  6. Students must sit in an assigned seat designated by the teacher.
  7. All students should remain seated until dismissed from the lab.
  8. Only materials necessary for completing computer assignments should be at the computer workstations.
  9.  Student Internet Use Agreement form must be signed by the user,  parent or guardian and on file before any student is allowed to use the Internet anywhere in the building.
  10. Do not alter, harm or destroy computer equipment while in the lab. Any type of vandalism may also include but not limited to creation or uploading of computer viruses.
  11. Consequences of inappropriate behavior or vandalism include loss of lab privileges, IDEAL or suspension.
  12. The network must not be used in any way that would disrupt the work of others. This includes sending messages through E-mail or playing games without the consent of a teacher or lab assistant.
  13. Transmission of any material in violation of any US or State regulation is prohibited. This includes but not limited to copyrighted material, plagiarism, threatening or obscene material.