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On this website, parents and students will be able to access information about assignments, activities, and additional resources to help your student be successful this school year.


Our class is a FLIP style classroom with an emphasis on learning centers and student interaction and collaboration. Each day students will partner with one or two classmates and work through their choice of learning center activities. Students should be able to complete at least three centers a day. At the end of the unit, the activities cooresponding to it will be placed in the makeup drawer by the front door. I will display a month's worth of units on this website at a time; the previous two weeks, the current week, and next week The current week will always be highlighted.

  • Week of August 19th - Rise of the Roman Republic
  • Week of August 26th - The first Punic War
  • Week of September 2nd - The second Punic War and Hannibal
  • Week of September 9th - The third Punic War and collapse of Carthage

“No sooner had he arrived...the old soldiers fancied they saw Hamilcar in his youth given back to them; the same bright look; the same fire in his eye, the same trick of countenance and features. Never was one and the same spirit more skillful to meet opposition, to obey, or to command.”
- Livy on Hannibal Barca in the History of Rome Vol. III


For homework, all students are expected to watch and/or read the lesson material on our Kahoots class page prior to class the next day. Formative quizzes will be posted to the class page on Kahoots on Thursday evening at 5pm est and will close at 9pm est that evening. Students may take and retake the quiz as often as they like during that time window, and the highest score will be recorded in the gradebook. A link to Kahoots will be posted down below.

Suggested Activities

Check out the links below for readings and quizzes on the Duckster's website to reinforce what we're learning in class!

  • Week of August 19th - https://www.ducksters.com/history/ancient_rome_republic.php
  • Week of August 26th - https://www.ducksters.com/history/ancient_roman_wars_battles.php
  • Week of September 2nd - https://www.ducksters.com/history/africa/hannibal.php
  • Week of September 9th - https://www.ducksters.com/history/africa/ancient_carthage.php


Weekly Highlights

  • Week of August 19th - Football and cheerleading tryouts! See Coaches Seigler and/or Burney in the school athletics department if you are interested in joining either team.
  • Week of August 26th - Bullying prevention week! School assembly on Thursday where Principal Schlowzky and some of our amazing staff talk about how you can keep yourself and others safe from school bullies.
  • Week of September 2nd - Eagles vs Wildcats! Come out to the football feild on Friday to watch the Hillsberry Creek Academy Eagles take on our Pinewood Academy Wildcats in our first game of the season. Tickets will be on sale in front of the venue - $5 per student, $10 per adult.
  • Week of September 9th - Internet safety week!





Our school website: https://dcps.duvalschools.org/PinewoodAcademy

Kahoot website: www.kahoot.com

Have an amazing school year!
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