MUS-105-01 Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation - MUS-105-01
Instructor:  Mr. Harry R. Adkins
Start Date:  Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Grading:  Each student is responsible for his/her grade according to the following evaluative tools.
WORK                                                 DUE DATE                  % of Course Grade
Daily Attendance/Participation                                                      40%
Unit Quizzes                                      Listed in Syllabus                 30%
Composer Reports                           Listed in Syllabus                 30%
 Letter Grade  Required Numerical Grade
           A                        90 – 100
           B                        80 – 89
           C                        70 – 79
           D                       60 – 69
           F                        0 – 59
At the end of each unit, a brief quiz will be administered which will cover materials from lectures, reading, and listening assignments.  Missed quizzes must be made up within one week.  Attendance will be taken each class session.  NO work will be accepted after the Final Exam.  The last day to withdraw from this class is March 23, 2018.
There will be NO student use of a cell phone for conversation or texting during class.  If you must use your phone, please excuse yourself and leave the room.  No cell phones will be allowed on student desks during exams.
Student attendance and participation in all class sessions will play a vital role in the successful completion of this course.  Students are responsible for attending all scheduled meetings of this course.  When absent, students are responsible for all materials covered in class and all class assignments.
If you have questions, your instructor will be in his classroom approximately fifteen minutes before and after class.  You may also email questions to your instructor at:
Date Session Title
23-Aug Course Introduction and Syllabus
25-Aug Basics of Music One
30-Aug Basics of Music Two
1-Sep Basics of Music Three
6-Sep Basics of Music Four
8-Sep Quiz - Basics of Music
13-Sep The Middle Ages
15-Sep The Renaissance
20-Sep Composer Report #1 - Middle Ages / Renaissance
20-Sep Quiz - Middle Ages/Renaissance Period
22-Sep Baroque One
27-Sep No Class Meeting
29-Sep Baroque Two
4-Oct Composer Report #2 - Baroque Period
4-Oct Quiz - Baroque Period
6-Oct Hurricane Matthew
11-Oct Hurricane Matthew
13-Oct Hurricane Matthew
18-Oct Classical One
20-Oct Classical Two
25-Oct Classical Three
27-Oct Composer Report #3 - Classical Period
27-Oct Quiz - Classical Period
1-Nov Romantic One
3-Nov Romantic Two
8-Nov Election Day
10-Nov Romantic Three
15-Nov Romantic Four
17-Nov Composer Report #4 - Romantic Period
17-Nov Quiz - Romantic Period
22-Nov 20th Century One
24-Nov Thanksgiving Holiday
29-Nov 20th Century Two
1-Dec 20th Century Three
6-Dec 20th Century Jazz
13-Dec Composer Report #5 - 20th Century Period
13-Dec Quiz - 20th Century Period