November 2008


Main events coming up:

Ø      Thanksgiving Break

Ø      Ch. 6 Test

Ø      End of trimester

Ø      Wrestling started

Ø      Math Tutors still wanted


Thanksgiving Break:

  As we all know that thanksgiving holiday is coming up, which we celebrate as a school, by not having school November 27 and 28. We will start school again December 1, which is the following Monday. There will be no test on November 26, but there will be extra credit opportunities in my class, as we will be playing a version of Jeopardy.


Ch. 6 Test:

  The chapter 6 test will be held during the month of November, pending on time and where we are at in the chapter, I will be looking at Tuesday November 25 for the test date. We will have review on Monday November 24 for the test.


End of Trimester:

  As all parents and students may know, we are on a trimester set-up for this school. The first trimester will end Thursday November 13, and all grades will be posted on the grade website, Friday November 14, pending nothing comes up that will throw me off track.


Wrestling Started:

  As most parents and students are aware of, here at Wicked Awesome School, we offer Greco-Roman style wrestling for our students. The first practice was Wednesday November 5. If you were not informed of this, and your child would still like to try wrestling, it is not too late to sign-up. All your child needs is an up to date physical with the school nurse, and the desire to achieve. Wrestling shoes will be required for all matches, head gear and singlets will be issued, but you may purchase your own head gear. Practice is every afternoon from 2:45- 4:30. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or the coach Mr. Iwon4nationalchampionshipsinwrestling at


Math Tutors still needed:

  Does your child want to help out other students with math? Does your child have the desire to get involved before school with tutoring? If so, we are still in need of some help with math tutoring in the mornings before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your child must have at least a B in any math class, if they want to help tutor. At the end of every month, all the teachers collaborate and choose a tutor of the month, and they can win a prize if they are tutor of the month. The tutor of the month for October won an Ipod Nano.


Thank you all,

Mr. Matthew Harris