Understand How Live Resin Different From Live Rosin?

You could be one of the many cannabis consumers who has recently learned that live resin is different from live rosin. However, you need not worry. There are so many cannabis concentrates in the market that as a casual user it is not always possible for you to know the various nuances in this regard. You may feel that the difference between these is that of a letter only – you might think it is a typo. However, select the best CBD live resin Canada and live rosin are two different products. At a basic level, they have different manufacturing methods.   


Live resin is produced by using the BHO (Butane Hash Oil) method as well as closed-loop extraction. The main difference between both is in the plant matter that is being processed. Live resin is processed from flash-frozen and fresh plant matter. This is why it retains all its moisture before the process of BHO extraction starts. This would imply that the plant matter of the CBD live resin syringe has all the terpenes. In these cases, there is also a difference between the kinds of plant matter that are being used. The best live resin is usually extracted only from the freshest sugar leaves and flower buds. 

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Rosin is one of the latest techniques being used for extracting terpenes and cannabinoids without extracting hydrocarbons. The process of rosin extraction does not require any chemicals and solvent. Instead of that rosin is taken from plant matter using heat along with pressure. Producers use this method to extract resinous sap in an instant. So, as you can see for yourself, the process here is different from that of extracting diamond concentrates live resin. The source material too is different in the case of rosin with the extraction being done from dried plant matter, kief, or hash.         


So, to conclude, it would be safe to say that the difference between live rosin and live resin is more than a vowel. These concentrates differ from each other in terms of their purity as well as the method in which they are extracted. At a basic level, the live resin can be described as a concentrate that is based on solvents and live rosin is a concentrate that is sans solvents. The method of extraction differs in this case as well. For more information on the top Nektr Extracts VVS live resin please visit nektrextracts.com.