5th Grade Science

5th Grade Science Links

Study Island - Work on earning your blue ribbons in science! 

Study Jams

Cells and Body Systems
Cell Stucture and Examples - Click on Cells...After viewing both plant and animal cells, click on 'Looking Through a Microscope.' View what different cells look like under a microscope!
Inside a Cell - Click on each cell part to read the description and function.

Classifying Living Things - Life Cycles
Classify Living Things - Click on the 'critter' and match another critter with it!
Classifying Game! - Click on the images that answer each classification question!
Genes -
Heredity -
Life Cycles - Make sure to click on the chick hatching video!
Life Cycles #2 -
Life Cycles #3 -

Food Chains
Chain Reaction - Put the food chain in the correct order!

Food Chain Game - Learn about food chains, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores!

World Biomes - Click on your biome to research climate, plant life, and animals.
Quick Biome Facts - Use this page to get some quick facts about different Biomes!
Intro to Biomes - Click on each Biome to read great facts!
Lots about Biomes! – Choose your biome and search away!
Biome Plants – All you need to know about biome plants.
Biome Animals – Need to know where different animals live?  Click on this link!
Biome Climate – What’s the weather like there?  Click on this link to research biome climates.

Cycles - Water - Read about the water cycle!
The Water Cycle - Click on the links on the side to learn about the water cycle!

Gas, Liquid, or Solid? - Find out what type of particles make up matter!
Materials Smackdown! - Find out which materials are stronger!
The Transformer! - Transform raw material into something new!

Electric Circuits - Click here to learn about simple, series, and parallel circuits.