September 4th, 2012

Dear Family,

        Here is the first homework packet for your child. Each week, I will be sending home practice pages that correspond to what we are doing in class. Homework will come home on Mondays, and is due back by Friday each week. It is important that the folders come back by Friday, so that I can review the homework and prepare the folder for the next week.

        For this week, we are working on proper pencil grip. Please work with your child to ensure that the grip is correct. I have been working with them on this, but it does take time and lots of patient practice. (No more than 10-15 minutes practice in a sitting.)  Please use the enclosed letter writing directions page, and help and supervise your child with tracing their name. If possible, have them practice on extra paper. The website that I used to generate their name is listed near the bottom of the name practice page.  Please return the homework in this folder by Friday September 7th.


        Please spend about 20 minutes each evening reading with your child, and if possible track the words with your finger as you read, so they get familiar with print direction.


        If you have questions, please email me: hartlinet@mdusd.org , or come by and see me.


Mr. Hartline