Teaching has been my passion for over eight years. I started my teaching career assistant teaching for two fourth grade teachers at a private elementary school in Atlanta.  It was there that I began to shape my teaching philosophy of doing whatever it takes to reach each and every child in my classroom.  After one year, I was offered a lead teaching position in a Cobb County elementary school.  I taught preschool there for two years.  I loved and still do love teaching this age group because preschool age children have an enthusiasm and love of learning that is contagious!  After a move, I changed counties and began teaching reading to seventh graders at a middle school in Fulton County.  Although the change in ages was dramatic, I purposely sought out this position.  I believe in the importance of children becoming fluent and avid readers.  Young children naturally possess a love of reading.  I wanted to find out why this love and enthusiasm for the written word does not hold true for many children past elementary school.  Through my middle school teaching experience, I am better able to address the issues my elementary age students encounter while learning to read. I try to instill a love of reading that will last throughout their lives.  After my middle school teaching experience, I returned to middle school to apply what I had learned from my struggling and reluctant seventh grade readers.  I taught kindergarten and first grade in Atlanta.  I enjoyed teaching both of these grades because I know that I was building a foundation in learning upon which all future knowledge will be based. I am now searching for a teaching position closer to my home in Alpharetta.  I believe that each of my past teaching experiences has helped me to grow as a teacher and helped me to reach each and every student in my classroom daily. 

    I believe that all teachers should continue learning throughout their teaching career and life. I graduated from Mercer University in 2005 with my Master's degree in Elementary Education and in 2008 with my Specialist's degree in Teacher Leadership.  Presently I am applying to programs to pursue my doctorate in teaching and learning.  I plan to begin this in August.