Teaching Philosophy

    As an educator, I believe it is important to have a teaching philosophy to use as a framework throughout my teaching career.  My teaching philosophy grows and changes as I become a more experienced educator, but my core beliefs remain constant.

Classroom Instruction

    I believe that classrooms should be student-centered. Teachers should encourage students to learn through experiencing the world around them.  Teachers should plan differentiated, hands-on lessons to meet the needs of individual learners. Teachers should also have high expectations for every learner in the classroom and encourage each student to meet his/her potential. 


Classroom Environment

     I believe that all children are entitled to a positive and safe classroom environment where individual differences are respected and celebrated.  Teachers should take great care in helping to build the character of each student.  At the beginning of each school year, teachers should work to create a sense of community within their classroom.  Once this sense of community is cultivated, teachers should maintain it through weekly class meetings where students can share issues and ideas with others.


Teacher-Parent Communication

     I believe that parents play an important role in the academic success and emotional development of their children.  I believe it to be the teacher's responsibility to maintain open lines of communication with parents through regular contact.  Parents should feel welcome to participate and volunteer within their child's school and classroom.


Professional Development

    I believe that teachers have a responsibility to continue learning so that they are able to provide the best educational environment for their students.  Teachers should participate in professional development regularly and keep abreast of the latest educational research.  Teachers should plan to continue to grow and change throughout their teaching career.