English 2A

This is the homepage for English 2A.  Here you will find the outline of our course, links to films, additional practice and other relevant information.  


Each week, every student will have 2-3 homework assignments.  Homework is due on the day indicated BEFORE class begins.  

Assignment:                Day Assigned:                     Day Due: 

Vocabulary                   Monday                                 Friday

Grammar                      Tuesday                                Thursday

Reading*                       Varies                                     Varies


*Readings will be assigned frequently throughout the course.  Students will read one novel, several short stories, and non fiction text.  All reading is expected to be completed the day after it is assigned.  Readings will usually have a written assignment to aid student comprehension.   



Weekly Schedule:  

Click the hyper links below to see the schedule for the week.   


Week 1 

Week 2 

Week 3