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Haslett elementry Students will demonstrate increased proficiency in the areas of computation, measurement of perimeter and area, and interpreting graphs.

LANGUAGE ARTS Haslett elementry students will undertake a balanced literacy program for expository reading and writing skills.

Haslett elementry students will increase proficiency in social studies, particularly economics, civics, public discourse and core democratic values.

SCIENCE Haslett elementry Students will demonstrate increased proficiency in understanding of concepts in physical science and interpreting scientific data.

Staff will create a technology rich environment for students.

HEALTH Haslett elementry students will develop lifelong wellness practices.
Writing To Learn and Learning To Write

Learning to Write
Writing has become a very important part of the K-12 curriculum. Children are learning to write and use writing to learn about new concepts. At Haslett elementry school the teachers are instructing the children on the writing traits that all good writers concentrate on to produce a good piece of writing. For that final piece of writing, the writer should have considered having good organization, voice, ideas, word choice, sentence fluency and standard conventions.

Writing to Learn
As part of our instruction in literacy, teachers are also using writing to help children learn something new. One could consider that writing is thinking at the end of a pen, it is sometimes hard work. However if we have to write about a concept, it often helps us to remember and understand it. Best practice tells us that one way to help children learn to write and to help them learn new concepts is to have children write about it. Summarizing is one way to put into practice writing to learn something. To adequately summarize, students need to delete some information, substitute some information, and keep some information. This process requires analysis of information at a fairly deep level. When children have to think deeply about what has been learned in order to write about it, the chances of remembering the information increases dramatically.
We hope this school for 2009-2010 will go well for the students and parents plus staff.
Enjoy your rest of your summer familys!!!
We will see you at open house on: August 31st, 2009!!
Sincelly, Steve Longabaugh

Help your Child Succeed! 

The difference between a child who succeeds in school and one who tends to struggle is whether or not daily routines are being practiced at home.  As we begin a new school year, start some routines that will give your child a chance to do his/her very best, not just in school, but later in life.


Here are some ideas to help your child feel more………


·   Relaxed.  Music can help your child avoid the morning rush.  Play a soothing CD and ask him/her to be dressed and ready by the time it's over. 


·   Energized.  A good breakfast increases concentration.  Offer your youngster healthy choices such as a wheat bagel, orange juice blended with fruit and yogurt or instant oatmeal.


·  Connected.  Talking about the school day lets our child know you care.  Ask him/her to share two good things that happened during the day.  Prompt him/her with specific questions such as, "Which multiplication tables did you practice?"


·  Prepared.  Studying a little every day is the best way to learn new material.  Help your youngster choose a time for homework when he/she is most alert - and try not to change it.


·  Rested.  A set bedtime helps kids fall asleep more quickly.  Suggest that your child get in bed 15 minutes early to read, make up stories or talk quietly with you.  

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