Developing As A Professional Educator


Personal Goals

Induction Year 2

How can I increase the use of technology to provide an engaging and rigorous learning environment for students?

  • Investigate the use of Google For Education

  •  Implement Google Classroom

  •  Attend school and district trainings

Will the increased use of technology provide additional opportunities for:

  • Student differentiation

  • Student choice

  • Increased access for students with learning challenges and/or needs

Areas of Strength

Areas to Improve

I am willing to try new web sites and technology ideas when designing lesson plans.

Consistency - how can I better implement station rotations as I am not in a classroom with 1:1 devices?

I am willing to fail when trying new technologies

I need to take more time on learning new programs before implementing them in the classroom

Students loved the ability to choose how they would complete and present their work. The increased use of technology allowed students with learning difficulties better access to the curriculum.


Beyond Induction

How can I provide a differentiated classroom where students are engaged while using 21st century technology?

  • Become a Google Certified Teacher
  • Create a Blended Classroom that uses Station Rotations

Staying Connected

  •  Continue my subscription to The International Literacy Association
  • Continue to read Blogs and take Professional Development courses

Sustaining My Energy

  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Set  aside time for exercise, family and the pursuit of personal hobbies

Advice For New Teachers

  • Believe in Yourself!
  • Stay connected to other teachers and family
  • It's O.K. to make mistakes

Quote From Reflective Coach

"Heather makes amazing connections with her students."


"I love who I've been, but I really love who I'm becoming"  - HugotQuotes