Favorite Teacher Websites

The following websites have been useful in my development as both a teacher and as a person:

THE CORNERSTONE for teachers

Practical ideas that make teaching more effective, efficient, and enjoyable

Angela Watson has many practical ideas to cut hours from your work week. She has a blog, podcasts, and books. I have participated in her summer book clubs and joined the $40 hour work week program. All of the options on the website help to nourish my soul.


Laura Randazzo - Solutions For The Secondary Classroom

Laura Randazzo teaches High School Language Arts. She blogs about her teaching life and shares  free teaching materials for Language Arts teachers.  Many of her ideas and free teaching materials are easily adapted from her use in High School  to be used in  the 6th grade  middle school classroom.


Secret Stories - Cracking The Reading Code With the Brain in Mind

Katie Garner has been researching the brain and ways to help struggling readers and writers in both the early and intermediate school years. I teach a Reading Intervention class at the end of the day, and my middle school, struggling readers love the Secret Stories!


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb