Assignment Page


Assignment 1

Go to the resources pages.  You will be using the the resources under the Fairytale and Folktale information. Go to the sites and investigate the information on fairytales and folktales. Create an opinion on whether you think Fairytales and Folktales are the same or different.  Write your response in your reading journal.  After you have written your response in your reading journal, put your name on a sticky note. You will vote if you think they are the same or different.  We will discuss our finding during the wrap up.

After you have completed the assignment, go to the resources pages and under fairytales and folktales listen to or read a fairytale and chart on your reading log. 

Assignment 2

Use the information from our class discussion on character traits of characters in fairytales/folktales, listen or read 2 or 3 tales from one of the sites under Fairytales and Folktales.  After listening to the story, print and fill out the biography form for one of the characters in the stories under assignment 2.

Assignment 3

From our class discussion on the plot of a Fairytale/Folktale, you will take a deeper look at the stories plot.  Listen or read stories from the resource page under Fairytales and Folktales.  After you have listen  or read the 2 or 3 stories, print and fill out the sheet under assignment 3.

Assignment 4

Fluency Practice- As a group, go to the resource page under Reader's Theater and pick a script your group would like to perform on open mic day.  After your group has selected a script, assigned parts,  read throught the script once, you may pick an activity from fun fairytale extensions on resources page 2.

Assignment 5

Fractured Fairytales

Go to the resource page. Visit each site under fractured fairytales.  After you have gone to the sites under fractured fairytales, go to your reading journal and write a fractured fairytale.  We will go through the publishing process during writing workshop and you will type your tale.  Once you have completed the publishing process, you will turn your fairytale into me.  Look at the grading rubric for your fractured tale

Percent parts complete
10% creativity
15% grammar/spelling


used elements of fractured fairytale
10% typed
100% Total
peer review  
peer review