Resource 2

Resources 2

Fractured Fairytales

Examples of fractured fairytales that can be read

explains fractured fairytales and how to write them

This site provides a templete on how to write a fractured fairytale.  It allows you to create one online.

Remember, you will use these sites for the Fractured Fairytale assignment

Fun Fairytale Extensions

You may do any of these assignments when you finish work

Create a Wordle using the traits of a character in a story


creating word clouds with words from a character analysis


a sheet from a site that works on sequencing Cinderella

3. Find a recipe that a character in a story would like.

For example: Snow White would like candied apples. I will go to the site and find the recipe for candied apples. Type the recipe and put it

in my recipe box

A site that provides recipes

4. color and sequence the story of Cinderella

Create a fairytale

5. make your own fairytale

This site allows you to make your own fairytale