Links for BHS Speech Team- 2009/2010

Welcome to the BHS Speech Team Link

You will be able to access numerous resources throughout this page. I will also post updated speech competitions and a practice calendar.  Updates are coming.......Wink

First Speech Team Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 9, 2009 @ 3:15 in the BHS Cafeteria...HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

Regular Meeting/ Practice Schedule:Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:20-4:50 p.m.  We will begin meeting in the BHS Cafeteria.   Our first OFFICIAL Meeting after initial signups will be Wednesday September 16th.  We will begin the Monday/Wednesday rotation on Monday September 21st.  If school is cancelled on a practice day, we will NOT have speech practice!

The Indiana High School Forensic Association's direct link is 

The Indiana High School Forensic Association is the controlling agency for speech/debate events in the state of Indiana.

Additional Resources:

The National Forensic League is the controlling agency for speech/debate events on a national level and is a separate entity from IHSFA.

Some basic information about Speech Competitions:

EVENT: Dramatic Interpretations
LENGTH: 5-10 min.
SOURCE: Plays, novels, short stories, poetry of recognized literary quality which has been published in print.

EVENT: Humorous Interpretation
LENGTH: 5-10 min.
SOURCE: Same as above except funny

EVENT: Oratorical Interpretation
LENGTH: 5-10 min.
SOURCE: Interpretation of speech given originally by someone else

EVENT: Poetry Interpretation
LENGTH: 5-10 min.
SOURCE: A poetry program including more than one poem based on a theme

EVENT: Prose Interpretation
LENGTH: 5-10 min.
SOURCE: A single selection which emphasizes narrative rather than dialogue

EVENT: Duo Interpretation
LENGTH: 5-10 min.
SOURCE: Two students interpret a scene or scenes from a work. They do not use props, costumes, or visual contact between them.
MEMORIZED?: Duo can be either scripted or memorized

EVENT: Original Performance
LENGTH: 5-10 min.
SOURCE: The student writes an original poetry program, an original prose piece, an original dramatic or humorous piece, or an original duo piece.
MEMORIZED?: See the individual interpretation events above.

EVENT: Original Oratory
LENGTH: 5-10 min.
SOURCE: The student writes a persuasive speech on a thought-provoking issue or idea. No more than 150 words of quoted material may be used.

EVENT: Extemporaneous
LENGTH: 7 min. maximum
SOURCE: The speaker draws 3 current event topics and chooses one on which to speak after 30 min. of prep time without a script. Notes not over 50 words. There are two separate divisions: U.S. and International.

EVENT: Impromptu
LENGTH: 5 min. max.
SOURCE: A student is given a topic (word, current event, quote) 30 sec. before he speaks. He then delivers a speech on the subject without notes.

EVENT: Broadcasting
LENGTH: Varies -- 1-2 min.
SOURCE: The student is heard not seen to determine his effective use of radio speaking. In the course of four rounds, he will deliver a newscast, commercial, editorial, and an on-the-spot delivered from his imagination. Event content may vary from tournament to tournament.

EVENT: Discussion
LENGTH: 1 hour
SOURCE: Students participate in a problem-solving discussion with up to six other students. Topic changes 3 times a year. Demonstration of reasoning skills and an ability to discuss cooperatively with the members of his group to select a "best"
solution is encouraged.

EVENT: Congress
LENGTH: 3 min. /speech
SOURCE: Students debate passage of four proposed bills/resolutions. Knowledge of parliamentary procedure is helpful.


Unfortunately we do not have very much available in our Speech account to cover competition expenses; therefore, we will need to plan and accomplish some fundraising activities.  I am in the process of contacting local businesses and my plan is to initiate fundraisers that are low-stress and community-based.  Due to the necessity of Board Approval, we will not be able to have our fundraisers on the agenda until the October Board Meeting.  This may prevent participation in the early October, Novice Speech Competition.  I will update this information as it is made available.