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ISTEP will be taking place on September 16th, 17th. amd 18th 

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How to Help Your Child with ISTEP

Adapted from Silver Creek Elementary:

1. STUDENTS NEED EXTRA SLEEP: Arrange for your child to go to bed a little earlier so he/she gets a good night’s sleep on test days. Being well rested will give students an extra boost of energy during testing.

2. PROVIDE A GOOD BREAKFAST: During next week, give your child a nutritious breakfast every day. Protein such as eggs, meat, yogurt, or cheese will help performance better than a sugary donut.

3. GIVE AN EXERCISE “BREAK”: Use after-school and evening time to help your child get some exercise. Testing is a lot of sitting around and being still for so long can make a child restless. So, encourage your child to take an active break.

4. ENCOURAGE “BEST WORK”: Clearly tell your child to take plenty of time on the ISTEP test. Many students stop working long before the test time is over. In writing, a longer story or answer is usually better. Say to your child, “I expect you to do your best work on the test.

5. “I LOVE YOU” IS THE BEST PREPGive a hug and an “I love you” each morning. You are the most important person in your child’s life. Your love gives strength and confidence.

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