In every classroom it is vital to establish a clear and productive classroom management plan in order to create an effective learning environment. In our class we use a behavior clip chart.  The philosophy behind the clip chart is to teach students to be self managers of their behavior.  It also encourages a growth mindset.  One bad choice does not ruin the day.  There are many opportunities to move up the chart throughout the day. 


       Here is how it works. Each child has a clip on the clip chart.  Each morning, the clips start on “Ready to learn” or green. Throughout the day, students have the opportunity to move their clip up for good choices or down for poor choices. At the end of each day, the clip chart is recorded. Each child who ends their day on pink or purple will be able to pick a classroom coupon. Purple is the highest color the student can move to. If the students ends the day on purple, they will also get into my treasure box. 


At the end of each day, you will receive a monthly behavior chart for your child that you will initial and return.  These forms help us to communicate regularly regarding behavior and allow us to work together to encourage your child to make positive choices.  I look forward to partnering with you this year!