Reading is one of the most important skills we will master this year. We will break off into smaller groups to focus on reading fluently and with expression. Your child will have reading homework most nights to practice what we are working on in class. Please initial the botton of each homework page your child has read. 


We will also be doing 4 book reports each quarter. This encourage your student to engage in the story and remember key facts. We will do two non-fiction books and two fiction books. You are welcome to use books you have at home, get from the library, or I can provide books for you child. I have template we will be using to help organize the information. I will do the first two book reports in class to ensure each child knows what is expected. 


In addition, I have a reading map each child can work on completing. They can complete as many maps as they wish. This is additional reading done outside the classroom. Homework assignments do not count, but the book report books will count towards each space. Here is a copy of the map. Please initial each box after your child has colored it in.