May 4, 2011

According to sources, there was a giant log stuck in the water intake. That's been taken care of, but the water pipes at the school need to be flushed in order for it to be safe for students and staff. That is expected to be completed today. School will resume tomorrow morning unless otherwise noted.


There are several contests going on at the school right now.

Writing Contests:

For youth who identify themselves as Aboriginal. Write an original short story, essay, poem or song for a chance to win $2500.00! Your entry must not be more than 2500 words. Your teacher can help you with ideas and with editing your work.

Prizes: 1st Ipod Touch    2nd Ipod     3rd Nintendo DS
Choose one of the following topics and submit your original piece of writing.
Retell a Native legend
Write a community legend
Write about the good things about your community, and why it's a great place to live.
Submit your writing to your teacher.

School Contests:

Goal: To make the worms body wrap around the long hall and the atrium in the school
How: Read as many books as you can! Every time you read a book your teacher will record it on a piece of the body and hang it on the wall. Once the worms tail reaches the head


Prize: $50
How: The students with the best attendance, behaviour and good marks will receive the Principal's Award. Make sure you are attending school, being the best person you can be and achieving the best marks you can!


May 2, 2011

Initially the school was scheduled to reopen at 1pm....but remained closed for the day. Hopefully the school will be open tomorrow.

Get in your votes at the polling station at the Band Office! 18+ with photo identification. 

May 1, 2011

Happy May first!!!

School will be closed tomorrow, May 2nd, from 9am-12pm while the water pressure is low. Low water pressure may affect the sprinkler system and it is a safety issue. We'll update tomorrow at lunch to let you know if there will be school from 1pm-3pm. 

April 18, 2011


There will be a community social at the school on Tuesday, April 18, 2011 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Refreshments will be served (along with bannock!) and Pow-Wow music will be playing in the background--there will also be beads available for crafts, if you like. Come to the school to view what the students have been working on during cultural week! Bring your family--come socialize with us at the school.

We look forward to seeing you there. 

April 17, 2011

Good Day Everyone!
The school is hosting Cultural Week for the students from April 18-April 21.  Students will work on ministry curriculum during the morning session and after lunch they will have the opportunity to participate in different cultural activities at stations in the gym. 

The week will end with a small school feast and an Easter Egg hunt!

Extra-curricular activities will be put on hold this week.

*** Keep checking back for more exciting cultural week announcements!!

 Additionally--coffee will be offered to the grade 7 & 8 students after the last recess. This opportunity is being developed to curb the number of students seeking coffee in the staff room at various times during the afternoon. If you do not wish for your child to participate, please contact me at the school.

April  11, 2011

Please be reminded that this is a very muddy time of year. Students are expected to remove their shoes at the door of the school and carry them into the classroom where we have a place to put shoes and boots. The students are then expected to carry their shoes/boots to the front foyer. This is to cut down on the amount of mud, sand and water being tracked into the school. Let's work together to keep our school clean!

The James Bartleman Aboriginal Youth Creative Writing Award contest has been posted. A student has the opportunity to win $2500.00 for writing an original short story, essay, song, or poem. I encourage youth to particpate in this contest.

Also, we will be having regular morning assemblies--they start at 9:05. Be on time!

April 5 2011

Please be aware that out of respect, the school will be closed on Friday, April 8, 2011.

April 3, 2011

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra curricular activities through the week that are set towards appropriate grade/age levels. A calendar of events will be provided to students and parents to preview available activities.

In order to participate in these staff-run extra curricular activities, students will need to earn at least 5 tickets by attending school each day and displaying good social skills (such as sharing, helping and displaying empathy towards peers and staff).

The first week (April 4-8) will be a preview week--students have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities while earning their tickets for the following week.

 Good luck students!