Social Work Support 

What do SCHOOL social workers do? 

School social workers help students and parents with needs  or concerns that interfere with learning. When students have social, emotional, physical, or behavioral concerns it can be challenging to focus on school work. Our goal is to help students get as much as possible out of their learning experience. 

Concerns a SOCIAL WORKER can help with...

  • Positive behavior strategies 
  • Adjusting to a recent change 
  • Assisting with conflict resolution 
  • Improving social interaction skills 
  • Managing symptoms of physical or mental conditions 
  • Teaching students how to advocate for themselves 
  • Identifying coping strategies 
  • Improving self-care practices 
  • Sharing community resources with students and families 
  • Intervening during a crisis 


***If you know a student that is in need of additional support, please utilize the "Contact" tab. 

Helping students with learning differences...


Parents: Does your student struggle with learning? We want to help you understand their issues and relate to their experiences. If you are able to gain your student's perspective, you can make effective choices that propel their education. Please feel free to utilize this link in hopes of gaining a direct path to support. 



Did you know? 


Morris Community High School offers student math tutoring in the Library during study hall. If this is something you (or your student) may be interested in, reach out to your math teacher to learn how to get involved! 


Other Supplemental Math Assistance: 


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