HCTSA TeachMeet


What's the topic for this TeachMeet?

Come along to a sharing of teaching and learning ideas, focused on running interventions to improve student progress, attainment and wellbeing.  Mini presentations and talks on creative and innovative activities, with ideas that you can start using straight away!

Refreshments: From 4:15pm onwards

Teachmeet: 4:30pm to 6:30pm


What's the agenda for the TeachMeet?

1: Identifying pupils and assessing need

Understand how you identify which pupils need support both as individuals and as groups. Improving understanding of:

  • your whole-school needs
  • your cohort needs
  • needs of your individual pupils

2: Target setting and planning activities

Using data to set targets and plan activities. Enable you to:

  • use data to set personalised pupil targets
  • use data to set session objectives for the intervention
  • understand how to set SMART targets
  • decide who will run interventions
  • decide what type of intervention is needed
  • plan which activities to include and how long an intervention should run for.

3: Monitoring sessions

An overview of the steps you need to take to monitor the effectiveness of sessions as they take place. Enable you to:

  • see the importance of considering the pupil’s response at different stages of the intervention
  • know what to monitor
  • track the progress of the intervention to see if it needs to be adjusted for better impact.

4: Evaluating effectiveness and planning next steps

Knowing how to evaluate the session and plan what the pupils should go on to do after it has ended. Enable you to:

  • know if the intervention is having an impact on the pupils accessing it
  • accurately track pupil progress
  • provide information on progress and next steps for pupils.
  • identify effective resources
  • inform teaching and learning and provide information on staff development needs
  • provide objective evidence to others that your interventions positively impact progress.
  • provide evidence of how pupil premium funding is being used, if appropriate.

Any queries?


What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

You can park on site at Vyners School or we're in easy reach of Hillingdon or Ickenham Underground stations.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Email hctsateachmeet@mail.com for more information.