mrs dalizu

Dear Parents,

      Happy New Year to you all. I hope that the year will be a healthy flu free, allergy free time.

Please remember that we are still wearing our uniforms.

The pants, skirt or shorts are a tan color.

Red shirts are on Monday and Wednesday.

White shirts are to be worn on Tuesday.

Black shirts are to be worn on Thursday .

Friday is your team spirit day.


Reading: We are now on the second part of the school year. Our second grade DIBELS goal for the year is 90 words a minute.

Please help your child read better by just listening to them.    

Spelling List for "Frogs"

1. around 2. about 3. gown  4. sound  5. flower  6. howl   7. ground   8. pound  9. crown 10. south 11. mouse  12. downtown

Challenge words: 12. mountain  14. boundary  15. drowsy

Dictation: We can walk around the south prt of downtown.

                  The mouse on the ground did not make a sound.

                  Put on that crown and the gown with the flower.