About This Class

Course Description:

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to think and write creatively. My goal as the teacher of this course is to encourage students to love writing and to be a guide as students hone their craft. Writing can clarify, heal, excite, encourage, remind, inspire, and make the world a better place. This class is the beginning for you to be a poet, a free- lance writer, a story teller, a fiction writer, novelist, or whatever you choose to become as a writer. There will be many options presented to you. If you make the effort to write in this class you are assured a very good grade. This class is about exploring the different writing genres, mastering your voice and style, and having varied experiences in the writing world.


Projected types of writing to be explored:                                        

Free Writing                          Personal Narrative

Poetry                                     Descriptive Writing                                                                                     

Short stories                          Novel Writing

Narrative fiction                   Flash Fiction

Script Writing                       Poetry (structured and free verse)


Course materials:

Binder with dividers

Loose-leaf paper

Flash drive



Publishing/Writing Contests:

Sometimes we write for ourselves, while other times we write for others. Your journal is for you. Your final, polished drafts are to share with others. At least once each semester, you must submit a finished piece to a writing contest or website. Additionally, I would like each student to submit a piece to the West Virginia Writer’s Annual Writing Contest. Monthly I will share opportunities for submissions with the class, but students are welcome to enter in contests of their own finding as long as I approve the contest prior to entry.


Writing Circles:

In this class we will use peer writing circles to help each other edit, revise, and gain perspective on our own work. The purpose of the circles is for constructive criticism, positive feedback, and clarity on how the words we write effect and are interpreted by an audience. Anyone who is unkind, sarcastic, or unhelpful in these circles will receive a 0 for the writing circle assignments.



You will be graded on your written assignments, participation, classwork, homework, writing circles, writing projects, and personal progress. If you hand in all assignments on time and have made an effort to fulfill the assignments to your best ability, you are guaranteed to get a good grade in this class. Not using class time wisely, not handing in assignments, and not participating in class activities takes away from your overall grade.



You must check the class website when you are absent. Information will be posted about what the class is doing that day. There will also be a link or instructions on how to get any materials you might need as well. This is your responsibility. 



  • Be punctual
  • Be respectful of people and property
  • Be prepared
  • Be on task
  • Be kind