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According to the characteristics of the shower production process and user experience, the tips for purchasing showers are summarized:

A look: see if the shower body and the plating layer on the surface are smooth and smooth. This is because, in a humid environment such as a bathroom, the shower surface is generally chrome-plated, but it is also chrome-plated, and the process is very different. According to the introduction of D shower room factory, the good pipe body is made of all-copper material, and the surface should be polished, polished, dust-removed, nickel-plated, chrome-plated and other processes to ensure that it will not become black and blister when used. Generally speaking, from the surface of the shower, the brighter and more delicate the naked eye can be seen, and the flexible hoseprocess is better.

Two grips: Hold the tube body and determine the pros and cons of the material. The same chrome shower, some bad businesses will use cast iron pipe to impersonate the copper pipe, a simple method is to hold the pipe body by hand, wait for two or three seconds to loosen, if the fog on the pipe body for a long time If it does not scatter, it is very likely that it is a cast iron pipe. If the pipe is almost unchanged after the hand is left, it can be judged to be a copper pipe. In addition, the copper tube knocking sound is crisp, the cast iron tube sounds low and boring, and the tapping is also a method for determining the material of the shower tube.

Three questions: As the saying goes, the layman looks at the excitement and the insider looks at the doorway. TheĀ bidet spray quality of the shower shower is good, the invisible place is the most important, so be sure to ask the material and service life of the shower switch spool. The shower switch valve core is made of ceramics with extremely high hardness after being fired by an extraordinary process. The service life must reach 200,000 times of the national standard. Therefore, it is not only possible to have a low price or a good appearance but ignore the inherent quality and give it to the future. Life is inconvenient.