Benefits Of A Penile Stent Implant


You might have heard about the Penile Stent, but you are not fully aware of what it is and how it works. Stents work to reduce or stop the flow of blood from your penis. If this is happening then it may cause a blockage or reduce the blood flow by as much as half. This can be caused by anything from a surgery injury to a sports injury, or even a physical ailment.

If you experience this condition on a regular basis then it may become a significant problem and require immediate attention. The thing is that, even though there is surgery involved, it can be repaired with a penile stent implant and these work in such a way that they protect the surrounding tissue and surrounding muscles, preventing further damage.

There are some benefits to having a penile stent implant as well. Firstly, it has been shown to prolong the life of a person suffering from a condition that causes this blockage. The second benefit is that it has been shown to reduce the risk of having to have another surgery, which is a dangerous and difficult procedure. Source to know more about penile stent implant.

An implant has to be placed into the tissues around the penis through a medical procedure. An x-ray is used to check the location and of course, a doctor has to be involved in the procedure. The operation will generally take less than an hour and in most cases, a small incision has to be made.

A needle is inserted into the area, where the stent is supposed to be placed, and the implant is implanted. This is normally done under general anesthesia and takes less than two hours to recover from. The stent is then removed and the healing process starts.

After the operation the patient will usually go home the same day. Once the implant has been healing for about two weeks, the patient will have to wear a shirt, and briefs that cover the implants. This will be needed to keep the skin near the implant clean so the body does not swell.