Use Shampoo And Conditioner

What Happens If I Don't Use Shampoo And Conditioner?

It is important to maintain hygiene for your hair too. And is as important as your personal hygiene. Usually, people avoid washing their hair on a daily basis or on alternative days. Washing of hair depends on a few factors such as the oily or greasy texture of the hair and unclean to the touch. “The scalp’s oil glands coat the hairs,” said Lamb. Else Hormonal and Medicational effects play a vital role.

Effects of not using Shampoo and Conditioner in Routine.

  • Smell Nasty: Built-up bacteria on unwashed scalps pick a damp and sour smell. It often occurs when washing or hair hygiene has been avoided for a number of days or if the daily routine of an individual involves gyming or exercising. This problem is most commonly faced by people with thicker hair.

  • Stop the Growth: Hygienic hair routine involves the use of shampoo and conditioner or masque. Not washing your hair for a long period can damage your hair which affects the strength of the natural hair and ultimately affects growth.

  • Hair Breakthrough: To maintain the volume of the hair, the practice of routine shampoo and conditioner needs to be practiced. Avoiding the use of shampoo and conditioner on hair could advocate hair breakthrough and loss of density in hairs.

  • Dandruff: Treating your hair properly can maintain and promote hair health. Not washing hair with shampoo and conditioner can cause flakes. Sometimes dandruff can be cured over time with the usage of dandruff shampoo, but if it is too late, only the dermatologist could help or fix the same with scalp treatments.

  • Itchy scalp: No use of shampoo and conditioner on the hair can cause dandruff. Dandruff causes due to exfoliation. Exfoliation means removing dead skin from the surface resulting in itching on the head. Another reason for itching on the head can be lice. Itching on the head harshly can cause rashes on the scalp.