What are the Dangers/Side Effects of Ibutamore MK-677?

The supplement market is full of products claiming their effectiveness in building muscle and stimulating growth hormones. 

Some of them really worthful while some end up impacting your health negatively. 

Ibutamoren popularly known as MK-677 is one such supplement that has both to offer i.e., benefits and side effects. 

MK-677 is well known for its effectiveness in mimicking the secretion of growth hormones.

It is basically a non-peptide chemical that helps you build lean muscle. But, it can potentially cost your overall health. 

In fact, MK-677 long-term side effects include hormonal disbalance along with further consequences.

So, you might be thinking what are the dangers of MK-677, or is there anything one can do to avoid its side effects? 

Well, yes of course there are dangers and yes you can do something to prevent its side effects. 

This blog answers it in detail. 

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What is MK-677


MK-677 also known as Ibutamoren mesylate a non-peptide research chemical. It mimics the ghrelin hormone by binding its receptor in the brain.

MK-677 stimulates the production of growth hormones and growth factors like insulin (IGF-1). 

Furthermore, the growth hormone and growth factors play a significant role to enhance other bodily processes.

It helps muscle cells to regenerate and synthesize new tissue which enables you to build muscle mass.

However, there is very limited research available on MK-677 that supports its effectiveness. Also, MK-677 is banned for human consumption. 

Despite being banned for human consumption, why do people still use MK-677?  


Why do People Use MK-677?


To know why people still use MK-677 we have been through some Ibutamoren MK 677 reviews.

There we found that most people prefer using MK-677 for growth hormone stimulation.

Some other users stated it helped them build lean muscle mass. 

According to user reviews of MK-677, we have listed some of its benefits below.


1. Muscle Building  


Building muscle is one of the primary benefits of MK-677. Along with this, MK-677 also helps improve muscle strength and endurance.


2. Increases Bone Density


Several studies have shown that MK-677 can increase bone mineral density which ultimately increases bone strength. 


3. Improves Sleep Quality


Since MK-677 help to stimulate growth hormones it also helps improve sleep quality. 


4. Nootropics Effects 


Many people use Ibutamoren as a nootropic because it binds to the ghrelin receptor. Ghrelin receptors have some nootropics effects.

Growth factors (IGF-1) help improve brain functions and boost REM (rapid eye movement) sleep duration. 

These are the possible benefits for which people prefer using MK-677.

However, these are based on individual reviews and not backed up with any research or other piece of evidence. 

Moreover, there are some potential negative effects of MK-677 that you should be aware of.

Keep reading to uncover, what are the dangers of MK-677. 

Note: We do not recommend using MK-677 (Ibutamoren).



What are the Dangers/Side Effects of MK-677?


MK-677 can significantly impact one’s health if not taken correctly.

Some short-term or mild side effects include headaches, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and muscle pain. 

Along with these short-term side effects, MK-677 can potentially affect blood glucose.

It decreases insulin sensitivity which results in high blood glucose levels. 

Furthermore, MK-677 can also elevate blood pressure and HbA1c which may lead to congestive heart failure. 

These are some side effects of MK-677 and you should avoid using MK-677. 

Apart from these negative effects, the  most important adverse effects of using Ibutamoren 677 are:

It is illegal!

Yes, you read that right. Considering the dangerous effects of Ibbutamoren, it is not approved by FDA.

It is also banned by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). That is no athlete can use it for improving performance in any competition. 

This made the bodybuilders and professional athletes give a second thought to this supplement and look for its potential alternative. 

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What is Crazybulk IBUTA-677 


CrazyBulk IBUTA 677 is a legal alternative to Ibutamoren MK-677.

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Moreover, Ibuta-677 helps you build lean muscle mass along with improving muscle vascularity.

It also speeds up your muscle recovery rate which helps you through your exercise routine.

CrazyBulk IBUTA-677 also have some nootropics effects that help improve your mental focus along with other brain function.

Taking 4 easy-to-swallow capsules of IBUTA-677 can avail all the benefits of MK-677. 

But, for better and stable results makers recommend taking IBUTA-677 for at least 2 to 3 months.

So, it's better to go with Crazybulk IBUTA-677 to avoid every single chance of harmful effects.   

Now, hope you get the idea of what are the dangers of MK-677 and also why one should use CrazyBulk IBUTA-677 instead of MK-677. 




Ibutamoren mesylate is an unapproved drug that stimulates the production of growth hormones. 

But like any supplement MK 677 pros and cons do exist. However, its side effects overpower its benefits. 

 Despite being banned for human consumption, bodybuilders use MK-677 to build muscle faster. 

However, using MK-677 is not legal, so you don’t have to go after these anabolic SARMs.

Instead, you can go for Crazy Bulk ibutamoren MK-677 legal alternative that has shown some proven results. 

Now you know what are the dangers of MK-677 and how to avoid those health issues associated with MK-677.