Educational Philosophy

Education Philosophy:

I believe...

 · Every student has the ability to learn and achieve academic success.

· Student learning should be facilitated by:
      * Appealing to the students' interest
      * Hands on and creative activities
      * Cooperative learning

· Parents should be involved in the classroom and their child’s education.

· A strong behavior management system must be used and enforced in the classroom daily.

· There is a book for everything!

· Organization is a must in the classroom.

· Technology should be utilized by the teacher and the students often.  

Why I want to be an educator...
I want to make a difference in the lives of the students by establishing a learning environment that builds confidence in their abilities to continue their cognitive development so that they may meet the high standards society places upon them, provides tools and resources to promote exploration and inquiry, and is a safe place to express themselves freely. 

How will this be achieved? 
     Through a strong focus on academics, fostering parental involvement, teaching character education, and providing students with all tools and resources available through the school and/or community.