Teacher Profile

Masters Graduation December 2008



     My name is Heather Lowery and this will be my fifth year to teach music at Purvis Lower Elementary.  In December of 2008, I graduated with a Master's degree in Music Education from The University of Southern Mississippi.  Before teaching in Purvis, I began my teaching career in Houston, Texas, where I taught elementary and middle school music.

     Music students can always expect to have fun in my class.  I have an exciting way of teaching my students without them even knowing it!  I love to incorporate music games, percussion instruments, children's books, and technology into my music lessons.  Every grade at PLES performs in a musical program where all of the students sing and dance.  Kindergarten and 1st grade programs are limited in speaking parts and focus more on whole-group performance.  The 2nd graders are all given the opportunity to audition and/or volunteer for speaking roles, singing solos, and other special parts.  My goal is to provide an environment where all students can feel successful and enjoy performing for their parents and fellow students.