Mrs. Williams' Third Grade


3rd Grade Approved Websites

Reading and Math skills practice.

Students can read graphic novels online.

Students can read online books.

Students can read nonfiction articles and answer questions.  This site is only available to some students who were given a user name and password.

Students can work on reading and math skills.  I like to use this website before ISAT from January-March to practice skills for the test.  This site requires a login and password that is in their binders.

Students can complete activities based on the words in our vocabulary workbooks.  They do need a login and password which they have in their planners.

This site has a ton of reading and math activities.

This site goes along with our Time For Kids magazine.  It is a wonderful resource for current events and to find out more about the world we live in.

This website has short cartoon videos that explain math, reading, science and social studies topics.

User name:  Eliwhitney

Password:  brainpop

This site has multiple activities that go along with each story in our reading books.

This website allows students to search for books based on their lexile level.  This site is a wonderful tool to make sure they are reading level appropriate books.

Students can play games to practice their multiplication facts

This site has practice for all math skills.

Students can type in the name of the book they are reading and can take an online test of that book.  There are over 7,000 tests!

Students can click on an animal and read information about it.