How to become a host family in Ireland

One of the best ways to make new friends and learn more about different cultures is to become a host family Ireland. This is the exclusive opportunity in which you can act like an ambassador and share Irish culture and life with young guests. There is also a significant financial benefit with minimal disruption to your family life or home.



When a parent decides on a Summer camp for children in Ireland, it is organized so that they can get to know the culture and experience life as well as improve their English. These students are under the age of 18 years i.e. juniors and Ireland is the place where they come to practice as well as learn English. This is one of the main reasons for our policy that only one student from each mother tongue can be hosted by a family at a time. This is especially important for summer camps Ireland. In some cases, there are requests received from friends for staying together which can also be facilitated.

As per the rules to become a host family in Ireland, you can host students for Hebe Adventures in either a twin bedroom on a sharing basis or in a single room. A single room could not be shared by two or more people.  Also, a family can only host three foreign students at a time. Whether you are hosting a student during a summer camp for children in Ireland or during the normal period, it is a must to follow the rules to become a host family in Ireland.

Access to suitable wardrobe space must be available to the guests along with bedroom space where they can keep their personal belongings and clothes. Also, if required, they should have a space available where they can study without disturbance. They must be provided with towels each week and as required, the bed linen should also be changed. If the summer camps in Ireland stay is for 2-3 weeks then the guests should be provided with laundry services.

Accommodation is full board including brunch, lunch and dinner. It is important that the students do not eat alone but with the family.  There may be exceptions to this when the guest needs to dine before others or when their arrival time is late.  It is important to keep in mind that the student has chosen to stay with a host family so that he/she can get the best experience of daily life in Ireland. Also, it provides them with the opportunity to practice speaking English and therefore it is important that the student is fully integrated with the family and with family life.

Your family are expected to make efforts to have conversations with the guests regarding the visits or activities that they enjoyed and help them to speak. These are some of the points that you need to commit to when you become a host family in Ireland.  If you are interested in becoming a host family you can register with hebe Adventures at: