Accountability & Responsibility


"Accountability breeds response-ability.”

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Students in fifth grade need to be responsible as well as accountable for their actions. Behavior expectations are essential and are set at very high standards for our fifth graders. These students serve as “role models” for the younger students at DeBary Elementary.

Students are expected to follow all classroom rules and policies. However, if a student is unable to respect others and follow school rules and policies, than PENALTIES are in order. After going through a progression of consequences such as time out of recess, notes home to parents, etc, the penalty will be AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION.

Detention will run 60 minutes. Parents will be notified in writing before the date that the detention is to be served. The form will need to be signed and include how the student will be getting home (parent pick up, walk, ride bike, etc.) 

Reasons for detention will include but not be limited to the following:

* Chronic missing assignments

* Rudeness in class

* Poor behavior in class, lunch room, or special area classes

* Blatant breaking of classroom rules or policies

* Misusing the restrooms

* Misbehaving before or after school

[If a student has more than two referrals to the office prior to any of our field trips this year, he/she will NOT be allowed to attend]

Teachers and parents are partners in our student's learning experience. Working together will guarantee success for our students this year.