Classroom Expectations



  expectations              High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.

Here is a brief overview as to what is expected in each subject.

HOMEWORK: Homework is meant to be a review and/or reinforcement as to what your child learns in class. I do expect all students to complete all homework assignments. I assign homework everyday. Monday through Wednesday is written work, Thursday is to study for the tests that are given every Friday. On Friday, there is NO homework. 

TEST DAY: Test day is every Friday. There will be regular weekly quizzes in Spelling, Reading, English, Math, and Science. For the first half of the year, a multiplication tables time test will also be included. Major tests (such as Unit Tests and Chapter Tests) usually are not tested on Friday. You will be notified prior to these major tests.

The following is a basic overview for each subject:

“BIG MACC” and “PASAR”: What in the world are these you might ask?????? Not exactly a subject….well actually, almost ALL subjects. These are worksheets that we work on and discuss almost everyday first thing in the morning. BIG MACCS or PASARS will be assigned each morning, and sometimes the PASARS will even be assigned as homework.They cover basic skills and concepts from Reading, English, Science, and mostly Math. It is important for these to be kept in a special folder for the duration of each grading period. BIG MACCS and PASARS help us prepare for the FCAT Math and Science test in which your child will take this year. It is important that these morning work sheets go home each day (definitely by Thursday night) to review in order to study and prepare your child for the quizzes on Friday.


Each week students will receive spelling words with additional vocabulary words. Students will be required to use the Spelling and vocabulary words in sentences as part of the Spelling test demonstrating the correct usage and meaning. Spelling tests and English tests are both averaged in for the Language Arts grade.



Unit tests are considered Summative tests while the weekly tests are Formatives. 

 Each grading period I require students to read and complete a minimum of four (4) book reports. This can be completed either by gaining READING COUNT POINTS or completing my BOOK REPORT FORMS. Your child will need to show me the books before they work on any reports in order to obtain my approval for any particular book. Reading is essential for educational growth. The book reports become your child’s responsibility to complete. There are no set due dates as long as they are completed by the end of each grading period. Good practice is to complete one (1) report every two weeks.

ENGLISH/WRITING: In English, we work with sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, proper grammar, and writing skills (brainstorming, editing, revising, etc.) Again, every Friday is the quiz. The task is for students to correct sentences with the proper punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar.   

MORE ON WRITING:  Most of the writing assignments will not be sent home until the end of the school year. The writings are kept in a writing portfolio (county requirement). I will be happy to share these with you upon request during conference. Along with regular writing assignments given throughout the year, students might be asked to write in journals occasionally. Each student should have a journal which must be ready to be collected at the end of each grading period.


Concerning math, it is vital that students have the basic multiplication tables memorized when they enter into the fifth grade. These math facts are the foundation to ALL the fifth grade math skills. Mastering these facts is imperative in order to make gains in the fifth grade math curriculum. Every Friday there will be a “time” test based on the facts 0-12.

 There will also be a weekly quiz based on what new skills are learned within each week from the Chapter that we are working in as well as from the BIG MACCS and PASARS from the week.

 In Math this year, Unit Tests and Chapter Tests are considered a SUMMATIVE evaluation and will weigh in as the final report card grades.


A science experiment using the “Scientific Method” is required in the fifth grade. In Social Studies, State reports will be assigned. More information will be given out in the future for these projects.

 There will be a weekly quiz in Science taken from the PASARS, our Daily Science Reviews (known as RECTANGLES), and our current unit of study.  




Please contact me should you still have any further questions about the requirements, the curriculum, or anything else.

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